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Joker 3/107 • Pedigree
Sired by Limoges 55-610* a solid black Pure Indu brazil bull Imported from Brazil By CMI in 1980. Joker's dam is sired by CMI + Tuxpeno 30/2* Imported from Mexico.
Every calf I've produced from Joker has been exceptional.
Using A.I. in herd with this bull
Sire of RS/217 • Mature Wt. 2,400 lbs.
Herderio 885
Used A.I. in herd with this bull
Imported pure Gyr from Brazil
Hino 890
Used A.I. in herd with this bull
Brazil, imported Pure Gyr bull
GGM Geronimo 40/5 "Black Gold"
Used A.I. in herd with this bull
+CMI Rafles 101/7 grandson
SW Williams El Patron 377Pedigree
Semen Available • Mature Wt. 2,200

+Mr. Diamond T 785
Using A.I. in herd with this bull
+Mr. V8 700/3
Triple Trait Leader, Using A.I. in herd
HK Mr. America 722/7
Used A.I. in herd
The majority of my black & white's have this bull in their pedigree.
HK Mr. America 714/7Pedigree
#1 Trait Leader in the Brahman Breed for birth weight 2002-2004

FDC Mr. Adapter 1 206/2
Used A.I. in herd
ABBA No. 321170 • Mature Wt. 2,260 lbs.
+Busy Bee Pedro 111/1* • Pedigree
ABBA# 459119 • IZBA# 56254
Register of Renown & Imported pure Indu Brazil
Imported from Mexico & Exported to Thailand
We have started producing
offspring from this sire in 2007.
Jumbo Da Belo Vale 2644*
Using A.I. in herd • ABBA No. 340676
Brazillian Imported, pure Indu Brazil bull
Mem Bandolero Rio 4/203*
Using A.I. in herd • Mature Wt. 2,010 lbs.
Pure Guzerat imported from Guatemala
IW's Rexcrata 282
Using A.I. in herd • ABBA No. 209312
Golden Certified Meat Sire
"Sire of Show Champions"
5P Everado 757
Using A.I. in herd
#1 Gyr bull, born & raised in the U.S.
McKellar Negro 2/515
Used A.I. in herd
ABBA No. 327745 • Paza No. 46795
HK Mr. America 171/1
Using A.I. in herd
ABBA No. 340275 • Exported to South Africa
Sir FR Rio King 706
Has 1946 import bulls 7 times in his 5 generation pedigree.

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