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All visitors are welcome to our ranch, which is centrally located near all the major attractions such as Disney, Sea World, MGM, Busch Gardens , and Kennedy Space Center just to name a few great locations Florida has to offer.


If you are interested or have any questions, including up & coming calfs, please contact Roland Schultz by email or call (352) 568-3238.


Born - 2/14/19

417’s sire is RS/371 a Bonaflora 12/0 son
x Herdeiro 885* grandson. RS/417's dam is a
HK 714/7 daughter x 5P/757 granddaughter.


Born - 3/13/19

420's sire is RS/387 (Anchor) a Black & White SW/377 son
with a large anchor on his left hip. 387's dam was a
+Pedro 111/1 daughter. RS/420's dam is a
Joker 1/307 daughter x HK/714/7


Thanks to Burt Clem of Clem Ranch for his purchase of this herd prospect into his herd!


Born - 7/21/19

425 is sired by JC/ 02, 02's sire is 5P/757
& his dam is a imported Brazil cow from the same ranch that
+Iman 10/4* came from. RS/425's dam is Jacaranda - RS/365 a red &
white speckled Joker 3/107 daughter x +Pedro 111/1* x
HK 714/7 X 5P/757 granddaughter.


Thanks to Burt Clem of Clem Ranch for his purchase of this herd prospect into his herd!

Born - 7/22/19

427 is a JC/02 daughter & a 3/4 sister to RS/425.
427's dam is a red +Pedro 111/1* daughter RS/296 x 714/7 x 5P/757.
RS/296 has had 4 female calve's in row 2 are JC/2 & 2 are 3/107
all 4 are the best in the herd



Born - 6/29/18

RS/411 is Pictured at 5 months old. His sire is RS/371 a Bonaflora 12/0 son, 371’s dam is a Herdeiro 885* daughter x 5P/757 granddaughter. RS/411’s
dam is a HK 714/7 - McKellar Negro 2/515 cross.


Born - 7/14/19

RS/423 Pictured at 4 months old. His sire is JC/02, 423 is a 1/2 brother
to RS/425 - RS/427 & RS/419 same sire. RS/423’s dam RS/288 is sired
by the Black pure Indu Brazil bull Avispa De Negro 34/3* from Mexico. RS288’s dam is RS/215 a Herdeiro 885* daughter.


Born - 7/1/19

RS/422 pictured at 4 months old. His sire is the pure Gyr bull Cochise Gyr.
His dam is RS/360 (shadow) everyone’s pet, is red & white spotted like Cochise. RS/360 is a Bonaflora 12/0 daughter, her dam RS/288 is a black Avispa De Negro 34/3* daughter. RS/288’s dam is RS/215 a 19 yr. old Herderio 885* daughter & her dam RS/188 was a 5P/757 daughter.


Born - 3/14/19

RS/421 pictured at 5 months old. His sire is RS/382 this is his first calf, RS/382 is also in the for sale page. Pure Gyr breeding on both side’s of
there pedigree.


Born - 3/5/19

RS/419 pictured at 4 months old. He is a 1/2 brother to the female calve’s RS/425 & RS/427 same sire. His sire is JC/02 a 5P/757 son, & this calf is colored like both his parent’s. His dam RS/308 is a HK 714/7 x HK 722/7 x FR/706 x 5P/ 757 & RS/166 granddaughter.


Born - 7/13/19

RS/416 pictured at 4 months old. Sire is Joker 3/107 with Imported Indu
Brazil blood line’s on both side’s of his pedigree. His dam RS/363 is a gray +Busy Bee Pedro 111/1* daughter, and her mother RS/255 is a Jumbo 2644* daughter. RS/255’s dam RS/204 was a 5P/757 daughter, RS/204’s mother
was RS/16.


RS 397
Born - 6/23/17

Sire is RW New Hope 891/4 a pure Gyr bull, his dam is RS/344
a Bonaflora 12/0 x RS/166 daughter.


RS 399
Born - 6/28/17

His sire is RS/371 a Bonaflora 12/0 son, RS/371's dam RS/215 is a
Herdeiro 885* x 5P 757 daughter. RS/399’s dam is a Joker 3/107 daughter
x HK 714/7 x RS/166 granddaughter.


RS 366
Born - 7/6/14

His dam is a black & white pinto colored Indu Brazil. His Sire is a
Gyr x Indu Brazil cross.


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