Our herd foundation was built on quality cattle, selected to provide the genetics needed for the herd to flourish into what it is today. Below are a few of the animals instrumental in our herd development.
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All visitors are welcome to our ranch, which is centrally located near all the major attractions such as Disney, Sea World, MGM, Busch Gardens , and Kennedy Space Center just to name a few great locations Florida has to offer.

MR J Repucho Patton 2/223

Pictured at 3 1/2 yrs. old & was still growing. The boards behind him are 6ft. high & 80% of his calf's were born gentle like the red son on this page .

This was our teenage granddaughter, now the mother of 4 greatgrandkids with a son of our black & white sire, Mr. J Repucho Patton 2/223, out of our Rolling Hills Queen 03. 03 was the basis of our red speckled bloodlines, with 5P E.O.D. & Maribeth breeding in her. 2/223 had HK and McKellar.

This heifer is an example of my 1981 black & white Brahman herd breeding.
Miss RS WM Arauto 16
R Hill Miss Arauto 25

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