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In 1946 Mexico Secretary of Agriculture, Señor Maile Gomez, saw some Brazilian cattle and decided he needed to do something to improve the cattle in Mexico .  Approximately 120 Brahman Bulls were shipped into Mexico from Brazil .  Most were Indu Brazil and Gyr types.

The  Garcia Brothers from McAllan , Texas ,  Esteban &  Eligio Garcia, had been in the cattle business since 1740.   They first purchased 25 bulls from the 1946 importation and paid about $1,000 to $2,500 each. The Garcia’s owned land on both sides of the Rio Grande , and eventually brought 13 of the bulls into the US .  They also wanted to upgrade their herds by adding these Brahman bull's genetics.

Eventually other cattle breeders began to borrow or lease the bulls from the Garcia’s.  The Garcia’s liked Repucho’s bloodlines best and thought Rio Negro was the most superior of the red Brahmans.

 The Florida Ranch Enterprises in Miami , Florida , owned by Gregorio Escagedo, had acquired these bloodlines for the most part from Eligio Garcia, and joined ABBA in 1956. Gregorio Escagedo’s last registrations were in 1979.

 In 1980, I acquired a red & white bull from the PVR ranch in Zolfo Springs , Florida .   He was PVR Great Pride 658/8, a son of Mr. Rodgers BBB/ 114 bull that I purchased when I still had a herd of cross bred cows.  This was before I purchased my Brahman herd in 1981.

 In 1981, I purchased 17 cows, 10 calves and one herd bull that originated from the balance of the herd of Florida Ranch Enterprises.  Also included in this purchase was most of the Triple G herd (E.A. & Carol M. Garcia), in Inverness , Florida .  Some of the 1946 bloodlines from these two herds were:  Gibinba, Aimore, Brilhante, Repucho, Barba Roxa,  Preciso, Capichaba, Canario, and Gaucho. The black & white speckled herd bull , FR/706 that came with the group had 1946 import bulls 7 times in his 5 generation pedigree. There were 3 cows and 1 heifer, of the Triple G herd that carried the services of a Charles Reid bull, CR Rio Arauto 49.

I also purchased another group of females, with calves at side, in 1982 from William Clark’s dispersal sale in Yoakum , Texas . This breeding was mostly comprised of 5p ranch breeding and the herd that William Clark acquired from Maribeth Vineyard.

Consequently, due to the outstanding and historical genetics in the group of animals I bought, I now have Brahmans in the ABBA and/or  IZBA (formerly PAZA) Associations.

We are proud to say that a well built foundation in 1981 & 1982 comprised of already proven herd’s bloodlines, as well as a Brahman/ Zebu `1946’ historical one, have created our current Brahman herd.


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